Support Programs

The English Learner program at City of Angels is based on the programs and policies of the LAUSD Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department. The purpose of this program is to provide eligible students the opportunity to acquire the English language skills necessary for successful participation in an English-only instructional program.
For additional information about our English Learner program contact:
Lisa Karahalios, Targeted Special Population Coordinator
(213) 743-3961or email: [email protected]
City of Angels School follows the guidelines of the LAUSD Division of Special EducationProspective students with IEP’s are to contact their current school site IEP team or special education administrator and work with their special education personnel to collaborate with our special education department to determine if placement is appropriate.
For further information regarding enrollment of a child with an active IEP, contact:
Tyna Diaz (213) 229-4713 email: [email protected].

Title I is the largest federally funded education program for elementary and secondary schools and is designed to reduce the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students.  Title I provides federal funding to schools that serve an area with high poverty. The funding provides supplemental instruction and is meant to help students who are at risk of falling behind academically. Students are expected to show academic growth at a faster rate with the support of Title I instruction.


For further information about our Title I program contact:

Larry Torres, Title I Coordinator

(213) 229-4715