1.  What is independent study?
City of Angels School is an independent study school within the Los Angeles Unified School District and is designed to allow students to continue their education by meeting once a week with a fully credentialed teacher and completing a minimum of 30 hours of course work per week independently. We are WASC accredited.  We are also the only independent/online study program in the country to be certified by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
2.  Where is City of Angels School located?
We have 27 sites located throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Our maps are organized by geographical regions.  
3.  I don't live within the LAUSD school district boundaries.  Is my child eligible to enroll at City of Angels School?
Your child may be able to enroll through an inter-district permit.  Inter-district permit application (from another school district) period is February 1st-April 30 annually.
4.  Will my child be able to get a high school diploma from City of Angels School?
City of Angels School and Virtual Academy offers a complete academic program that includes all classes required for high school graduation and admission to college. The curriculum and graduation requirements are identical to traditional schools throughout the District. Upon successful completion of all mandated courses and assessments, students earn a LAUSD high school diploma.
5.  Can my child return to their traditional school?
Yes they can.  For some students, their goal is to return to their traditional schools after making up missing credits, while others plan to receive their diplomas from City of Angels School.  Older students may transfer to adult‐education programs.
6.  My child has special needs and has an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan).  May I enroll them in City of Angels School?

Prospective students with IEP’s are to contact their current school site IEP team or special education administrator and work with their special education personnel to collaborate with our special education department to determine if placement is appropriate.

Please contact our Special Education Coordinator for further information regarding enrollment.
7.  How do I enroll my child at City of Angels School?
The first step is to read about enrollment and then to contact the school site you wish to enroll your child at.
8.  What documents will I need to have to enroll my child?
The documents needed for enrollment at City of Angels are the same ones that all schools in LAUSD require.
All enrollment application forms can be accessed in English or in Spanish. Immunization records will need to be provided at time of enrollment.
9.  Should I check my child out of the school they are currently enrolled in before going to a City of Angels location?
No.  You should call the City of Angels school site you are interested in enrolling your child at and make an appointment to talk to the enrolling teacher. 
10.  I was enrolled at City of Angels School but now want to go to another school.  How do I get my transcripts? 
       Transcripts may be obtained either in person or via fax or mail.  If you were enrolled at City of Angels School before
       2008, you will need to order transcripts online through Student Records and Data Management (SRDM).