Ms. Juarez » Intro


High School Teacher
Sunrise Teacher
School Hours: 8-3 PM
Work: (323) 266-2064


Your appointment meeting with me begins at the scheduled time. Your work needs to be completed and submitted the day before your appointment. If you are having difficulty with any of your work, I will be available via Phone or Zoom during my Office Hours. It is your job to reach out for help.

  1. Day before appointment:

    • Submit weekly Discussion & HW through Schoology or Edgenuity.

    • If for any reason you cannot keep your appointment, I need your parent to call or text. I still expect work to

      be submitted.

  2. Appointment meeting with teacher though Zoom and/or Phone:

    • Review work being submitted. Answer Questions.

    • Oral/Written Quiz/Test

    • Discuss the new work for this week.

  3. Work submitted needs to include:

    • Your Name (First & Last) and Course Title is on top right of every page.

    • Title must include the name of assignment.

Textbook assignments must include Title of Reading Selection, Day, and Page. Questions must be answered in complete sentences. Assignments are readable, if not, the assignment will be returned and must be redone. Math assignment must include Chapter, Section, Lesson and Page. You must show your work. If you do not show your work you will receive a 0 and assignment must be redone.


Learning Requirements

  1. Attend Zoom Appointment during assigned meeting day and time.

  2. Be on time and be an active respectful participant during your learning time.

  3. Submit weekly work on Schoology/Edgenuity by due date.

  4. Take advantage of office hours for extra help.

  5. Communicate often with Mrs. Juarez via Phone or Email.

Cheating Policy

Remember cheating is a serious violation and the consequences are not worth it. If it appears/or it is obvious that the student is cheating the teacher will do the following:

  1. Student will receive a score of 0 and assignment must be redone.

  2. Student cheating will be documented on the student record in MISIS.

  3. Parents/Guardians will be notified.

Extra Help

If you need extra help, do not hesitate to contact me by Phone or Email. Also take advantage of Office Hours to get the help or explanation you need. Please, don't wait until your appointment when your work is due.

Extra Credit

There is NO extra credit, but students can always redo work for a better grade.