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News and Announcements

Financial Aid Workshop

LACOE, YDS-ILP, & PUSD, are providing one-on-one assistance with completing financial aid forms during their FAFSA Challenge workshop on Thursday, January 28th.

Students can drop in between 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm by registering in zoom: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwqcOirqDojHNRoK0G9orDZmLxv1HUXPOz9

Furniture Donation For LAUSD Families

Student Support Programs is excited to share a donation opportunity presented by LAUSD Wellness Programs. Their team has acquired a donation of 100 twin beds, desks, and dressers from the University of Cal State Long Beach. Attached are pictures of the furniture (note the beds are single beds and not bunk beds). Please contact your teacher if you are interested. Wellness Programs will work with staff to facilitate the delivery of needed items to identified families.

Daylight Savings has started, it's time to GET MOTIVATED!!!!

There is no better way to get motivated than to sign up for the SRLA Activity Partner Virtual event!! SRLA invites all interested teens, adults (and anyone else) to sign up for and complete an activity consistent with running a 15K in unity with SRLA students anytime during the weekend of November 14-15.
Our student runners have been practicing since August for this race, as part of their training for the LA Marathon on March 21st.
Our races have all been virtual, but it becomes fatiguing to keep running without all the encouragement of friends, family members and other runners.
We are asking YOU to support our students and sign-up to become an Activity Partner!
For $15, you will receive an official SRLA finisher medal AND customized gaiter!
It's everything you need to stay motivated during this extraordinary time.
You can walk, swim, dance, skate, surf, cycle, hop, shoot hoops, zumba or hopscotch your way to fitness, wellbeing and solidarity with our SRLA students!

What better way to celebrate the season, stay motivated, get those endorphins pumping and help a great cause?

Please consider it. Now - more than ever - getting active will mean so much to you and to others! Everyone is welcome to participate!
Contact Selinda Neal for more information and to sign up. (310) 257-4578 or email, smn6424@LAUSD.net.
Your body and mind will THANK YOU!!!

Psychological First Aid for Parents/Caregivers During Political Elections

Political elections may trigger strong emotions for staff, students, families, and community members throughout the District and across the nation. As adults and parents, we play a critical role in promoting a sense of safety, as well as in healing the divisiveness that may permeate our schools and communities.